Thursday, 24 October 2013

Feeling meh

So, updates after 10 months. I don't understand why do some people have the cheeks to refer themselves as performers, when the only thing you did was just dance a lil for some event. You're a performer technically, because you perform! But not exactly "leading a life as a performer". I only pick on you because I don't like the way you treat me. I don't like what you said to me after I hugged and congratulated you after your performance. "So much for all the scoldings I get during the training sessions, yea you're a ballerina la very geng la" First of all, I never once scolded you despite your lateness, cockface, lousy learning attitude and lousy dance skills. And it makes quite a lot of sense for a me to supervise my dancers and make sure ya'll do a good job in my choreo eh? Just like how a chef wants his apprentices to cut the ingredients in shapes he requested for as the prep of his designed dish? No?
So yea a lot more times your attitude disgusted me. They labelled you as bold, full of personalities, I'll say you're incredibly rude, self- entitled, oblivious of where you stand and bitchy. If you expect compliments each time you can't lift your leg to 90', miss a counting, move like a robot or screw up your steps, nope I'm not one of them who tells you "white lies"aw man, you're so awesome, you're so good!" aha fuck keep telling yourself that. And so much for the cockassface you give me every single time I correct you, trying hard to rechoreograph to your standards just to make you shine on stage. Thanks for letting me know that in life I will have to deal w your kind of person, either now or in future. I haven't quite figure out how to deal w your type yet but I'll get there! At least now I know not everyone can adapt to my lenient way of teaching. But of course if given a choice I wouldn't wanna cross path w your kind, it demolishes my confidence. You made me doubt myself and that's the last thing I need.    
On a sidenote, please stop calling yourself a performer/ post half- shit dance pic/ statuses on fb regarding how dance life strings your soul like a core. If you truly love what you're doing, you wouldn't throw your tantrums around during dance. Whut just because you're tired? No, no my dear, you're frustrated because you can't do half the easy stuff I choreo for you and it embarrasses you. I would rather you admit to your inadequacy than blaming me for doing my job. I will never ever teach you from now on, unless you pay me enough to cover cost of taking your shit. That would be 1k per session thank you very much.